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Mar 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to grow a really engaged Facebook group? Where there is a real sense of community - and people genuinely engage? If you’d love some strategies for growing your own online community or you’re thinking of starting a Facebook group then this podcast with video and audio producer Steve Folland is a must-listen. 

Steve who is also the host of the Being Freelance podcast shares how he grew his online community and Facebook group from his own podcast. He explains how he started his Facebook group after growing his podcast audience and how he links the content in his Facebook group back to his podcast - even down to the questions that he asks when people join the group.

Steve explains how important it is that your Facebook group is genuine and why you have to show up and set the tone of the group with your own face and personality. Plus why you must create really good quality consistent content. He shares the strategies that he’s used to engage his community and grow his Facebook group. 

Find out why having a specific niche for his Facebook group has made his community really successful and buzzing.

Plus how Steve has used his Facebook group to increase his online presence and his podcast audience.

I'd love to know what you think.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode}

Podcast shownotes

  • How Steve started the Being Freelance podcast and then his Facebook group (2:11)
  • How Steve uses his podcast to get people to join his Facebook group (3:23)
  • Why you need to set the tone of a group for people to connect with you (7:48)
  • Why having a niche Facebook group helps with engagement and content (9:27)
  • How Steve creates a buzz and makes people feel part of the community (10:14)
  • Why you need to set out what you will genuinely use the group for at the outset (16:20)
  • How Steve set his group rules and the questions he asks when people join (18:13)
  • How Steve gets people involved and links the group back to the podcast (22:44)
  • How Steve repurposes content in the group to use on other platforms (24:14)
  • How Steve uses his podcast to drive people to his Facebook community (27:40)
  • Why your personality, consistency + content will help attract people to your group (30:11)
  • Why you should niche your Facebook community as much as possible (34:49)
  • How Steve’s Facebook group has enabled him to monetise his podcast (35:57)
  • How having an online community has helped Steve with his online business (39:19)


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